At Chrysalis, we believe it is essential to ensure the individuals whom we serve are valued members of the community in which they live. We have established partnerships with organizations in the Edmonton and Calgary areas that have opened their doors to allow individuals to participate in various community activities. 

Our Partners

Employer Partnerships

Chrysalis has built many amazing partnerships focused on employment and training. We are grateful to have employers’ support through panel discussions, marketing video participation, and person-to-person conversations that help foster new jobs for our community.

Community Agency Partnerships

At Chrysalis, our community agency partnerships increase employment and community opportunities for individuals with disabilities and focus on taking leadership within the Community Disability Sector at a regional and provincial level. Together with our community agency partners we’ve developed many amazing campaigns and initiatives, including the “Be a Game Changer” multimedia marketing campaign for the employment of persons with disabilities, the implementation of a diversity program in recruitment and retention that received the Alberta Leadership Diversity Award, and partnering with the Abiliities@Work Project through the City of Edmonton to employ people with disabilities. Chrysalis has also been the backbone organization for Edmonton’s Pan Disability Connection (PDC). The PDC consists of employers, service providers, and advocates that work together to identify and eliminate barriers to employment for persons with disabilities.

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Thank you to each and every supporter.

Our Community Supports

Investing in inclusive communities benefits us all.
Chrysalis could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement,
and enthusiasm of our incredible support network. 

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