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  • Chrysalis Society

    An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities.

    Chrysalis offers personalized services designed to meet the needs of the individuals whom we serve while providing meaningful opportunities for growth and community inclusion. Our site will help determine whether our organization is a good fit for you, or anyone you may know, to allow you to meet your employment, volunteer or recreations goals.


The Faces of Chrysalis

Charlie Weinzierl


Favorite Programs: Art Therapy, Vocational Services

Charlie has been participating in Chrysalis programming in Edmonton since 2005. Committed to finding and maintaining a paid employment position, Charlie worked hard on his skills and found a job as a Showroom Custodian at Allwest Commercial Furnishing. Charlie has been a valued member of the Allwest team for over three years. Charlie is also a very accomplished and sought after artist who is one of the major faces of the Chrysalis Art Therapy Program.

Chrysalis is a great place for me. They have helped me develop the skills I needed to find a job and when I am not working hard at Allwest I am working on my artistic skills in the art studio!

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Jennica Ferdynus


Favorite Programs: Art Therapy, Contracts

Jennica has been attending Chrysalis in Edmonton since 2009. She has participated in numerous programs at Chrysalis including Life Skills Management, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and is a regular in the Contracts Area. Jennica was also one of the charter members of the Chrysalis Social Butterflies Toastmaster Club which formed in 2011. Jennica is a very talented artist and an accomplished singer who has produced two CD’s.

I have really enjoyed my time at Chrysalis. Chrysalis has helped me gain more independence in my life and has shown me how to trust other people.

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Mike Nimmon, Program Team Leader


Favorite Programs: Vocational Services (Edmonton)

Mike has been employed at Chrysalis since 2002. Originally hired in the Alternatives to Employment Services area, Mike worked as a one-on-one support worker with individuals on-site at the Aviation Museum. In 2004, Mike was then hired by Vocational Services in the role of Community Disability Service Practitioner. Mike supported individuals who were looking for paid employment positions and supervised two employment sites, Fortis Albert and Connect Logistics. In October 2012, Mike was promoted to his current position of Team Lead and now oversees the daily operations of the Vocational Services Program.

I’ve learned a lot from the individuals we serve here at Chrysalis about how creative, independent and hard working they really are. The lessons they have taught me have made me a better person and a better leader. I love coming to work every day and interacting with the individuals!

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Michael Jackson


Favorite Programs: Music, Reading, and iPad

Michael loves all music and he is very talented – he can always tell you the name of the song and the artist, and he often quotes his favorite songs. Michael is also very proud of his recent accomplishment of completing Travel Training and he is now able to take city transit to his volunteer site.

Michael’s memory is an inspiration!

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Omar Jaffer


Favorite Programs: Art and Music Therapy, Toastmasters, Volunteer Placements

Omar has been coming to Chrysalis in Edmonton since 2007. From the minute he arrived his infectious smile and positive attitude have made him a very recognizable figure around the facility and out in the community. Omar is involved in many programs at Chrysalis including the Learning Centre, Art and Music Therapy, SuccessMaker, the Culinary Program and is now a very active member of the Chrysalis Social Butterflies Toastmasters Club. Omar is also involved in the community two days a week at the Misericordia Hospital as a greeter and ticket seller. One of Omar’s dreams is to be able to work at “the Bounce” as a DJ assistant.

Chrysalis is amazing! I have met a lot of great people here and I look forward to coming to the building every day!

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Heather Cassie


Favorite Programs: Cooks, Music, and Computers

Heather is a friendly lady with a wonderful sense of humor. She loves to walk around Chrysalis, ensuring she has said hello to everyone. Heather loves to listen to music and will sometimes play the bells or maracas. She loves stories and she enjoys listening to our Library Volunteers read on Tuesdays.

Heather is a ray of sunshine walking through our building!

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Lorra Balagtas


Favorite Programs: Art program

Lorra is a happy person who is working very hard towards her dream of independence. She works hard at this, as evidenced by her success in working independently at the Red Cross. She volunteers twice per week answering phones at Chrysalis and has grown tremendously since starting this over a year ago.

Lorra has been a tremendous help to us on the phones!

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Steven Brausse


Favorite Programs: Volunteering and Fitness (Active Leisure Centre)

One of Steven’s favorite programs at Chrysalis is the Art Studio. This is very evident as he loves to share this passion with others in the program. He is always willing to help his fellow artists, from getting them more paint to giving a high five for inspiration.

It is great to see Steven so focused on his health and wellness!

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