Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities is funded primarily through the Government. In fact, nearly 80% of our yearly operating budget is covered by Government funding sources. This funding primarily covers the administration and staff costs of the organization. The remaining portion of our budget is raised through multiple fundraising efforts and the contributions we receive from private donors.

Should you contribute to Chrysalis, you can be assured that your generosity will directly benefit the individuals accessing Chrysalis programs and services. Each donation we receive from private donors is allocated to the development and enhancements of the different programming offered at Chrysalis. We want to ensure the individuals whom we serve are provided with the highest quality programming while adding purpose and meaning to their day spent at Chrysalis.

For those of our supporters who are interested in estate/legacy giving, we are pleased to announce the newly established Lynn Groves Hautmann Chrysalis Endowment Fund as another option. This fund provides a unique option to help Chrysalis continue to create meaningful opportunities for those whom we serve. Please visit the page for the endowment fund here. 

Your support will ensure that we are able to continue development of programs and services that will always meet the changing needs of the individuals we serve! You are helping write the stories we display in the Faces of Chrysalis features with your contributions!