Craig Fisher wasn’t always an IT guy. Although he’s worked in IT for about 24 years now, he’s first and foremost a dad, a husband, a friend, a people person, a karaoke superstar, a fine arts fanatic and someone who loves finding a new adventure in the great outdoors. 

He studied Microcomputer Management at Grant MacEwan College, and during this time, he honed his technical and business skills to work in the world of technology. Apart from a few specialization courses, most of his IT wisdom has come from being present in every moment where an opportunity for learning has presented itself.

After college, he went into computer sales, software education, computer support and continued to take on more challenging leadership roles. He thoroughly enjoys seeking the best possible team members, supporting their career development and celebrating the successes created together.

Having worked in many industries, such as IT Services, Education, Trucking, Construction, and most recently Retail, he’s found his passion in developing and tweaking company processes to make them successful in their present and future. 

Craig’s career has been a terrific journey thus far, surrounded by outstanding colleagues and the support of his family. He continues to learn new things each day and enjoys the ever-evolving world of technology. 

Striving to make a difference in our world, for his part, gives him true joy. 

In 2017, Craig began serving as a member of the Chrysalis Society Board, and in 2019, he became the Vice-Chair of the Chrysalis Society Board.

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