Chrysalis offers day program opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in Edmonton and Calgary. Through funding provided by Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Boards and our own fundraising efforts individuals are able to access a variety of Chrysalis programs and services.

Chrysalis supports a Person Centered planning approach to service delivery supporting individuals to achieve their goals and dreams through pursuit of employment, volunteer and /or recreational activities.  Through the combined efforts of Chrysalis staff, friends of Chrysalis, parents and guardians, individuals are encouraged to participate in a wide range of opportunities that meet their individual needs. Opportunities include contributing back to the community through a variety of volunteer activities, and taking advantage of the array of programs and services offered by Chrysalis and community partnerships. Chrysalis embraces its mission of Change, Growth and Opportunity supporting personal growth, direction and transformation.

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Music Therapy Program

Music Therapy is a unique and important program offered at Chrysalis. The program is delivered by professional Music Therapists. The program continues to grow and evolve. The sessions consist of song-writing, movement (dance), singing (vocalizing), instrument playing, discussion (reminiscing) and more.  As a result of attending Music Therapy sessions, the clients and staff alike experience an increased sense of camaraderie, a greater sense of involvement, enhanced communication skills, higher self-esteem, positive attitude and stress reduction.

Vocation Services

Provides supports for persons with intellectual disabilities goal directed, on the job training and support in a community environment. Training focuses on specific work skill development, career planning, assessment, and prepares individuals for paid employment or volunteer outcomes.  Individuals have access to the excellent Life Skills courses, Job Readiness preparation, Computer Literacy and other services that support individual development in each of these areas.

Alternatives to Employment Services

Assists and supports persons with intellectual disabilities in providing opportunities other than employment. With the support of Chrysalis staff, participants in the Alternatives to Employment (AES) program are encouraged to develop community partnerships within their own neighbourhoods or interest groups. Individuals participating in the AES program may have limiting or multiple barriers to employment due to their existing health conditions. With the support of Chrysalis staff, many of the individuals in the Alternatives to Employment are active and valued community volunteers. In addition to recreational activities in the community, individuals have access to a wide variety of programs which include Therapeutic Art Program, Cooking, Music Therapy, Expressive Dance, Augmented Computer Education, the Learning Centre, Life Skills, and others, all of which are designed to enhance personal skills, gifts, and interests.

Module-Based Life Management Course

The module-based Life Management Skills course is a six-seven week course designed to assist individuals with disabilities to develop and improve social and team-building skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. The intent of the courses is to build self esteem and confidence, increase their employability opportunities, and enhance their personal lives and communication. A certified Life Skills Coach assists learners to apply their knowledge and practice their skills in a wide range of real life situations. Chrysalis offers classes to individuals funded through PDD.

Therapeutic Art Program

This award winning program provides opportunities for individuals at Chrysalis to express their creativity and life experiences through various art mediums within a studio setting. Art Therapy combines the creative process and a therapeutic approach, facilitating self-exploration, reflection, and understanding. Through this process individuals are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to articulate.

In 2012, the Chrysalis Therapeutic Art Program in Edmonton received the PDD Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award for its Community Outreach Program which works collaboratively with the residents of St Michaels Health Group in supporting intergenerational and cross cultural diversity through various art mediums.

Chrysalis Social Butterflies Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters is a worldwide educational program designed to develop communication, confidence, public speaking and leadership skills. Chrysalis established a club as another opportunity to assist individuals build these skills and become more empowered in their personal and professional lives. The standard meeting agenda consists of prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, evaluations as well as various other roles which assist in the overall personal development of the club members. Each role in the meetings is also customized, and tracked to support the various learning levels of the club members. The Chrysalis Social Butterflies is a community toastmaster club which means any member of the public can join and participate in the meetings. Contact us for more info.

Employment Readiness Program

This course is unique in offering skill development through participating and practicing the necessary steps for securing employment through networking techniques, interviewing, communication and computer literacy. Participants learn how to job search effectively in today’s Hidden and Advertised job market, while building self confidence in their abilities to job search independently. The number of participants in each class can vary from about six students in the course at a time to allow for a more individualized service. While students are in this course they have access to the Chrysalis Job Prep site which was specifically designed for students in this course. This site provides students with access to Job Search Links, Educational and Resources, Slide Shows w/Audio and much more. Students can also upload their resume and any other documents, experiencing a greater level of independence while they work and engage in their job search. This course provides a more personalized service to the individuals whom we serve as it recognizes their unique needs as well as their individual skills and interests.