Services are developed to meet the needs, abilities and interests of each individual and opportunities include volunteer placements in the community, supported employment, social / recreational opportunities and access to on-site programs and tools.


At our Calgary office, Chrysalis offers our individuals a range of educational and engaging opportunities on-site, such as: a computer lab with a variety of interactive learning software, an active-leisure fitness area to develop personalized fitness programs and activities, creative arts and crafts programs, music therapy program with weekly visits from a music therapist, our multi-sensory Snoezelen Room, cooking program, reading program, a horticulture program featuring a community garden, and a diverse scope of training.

Out in the Calgary community, Chrysalis has partnered with many different agencies and organizations to also offer our individuals with community-based programs, such as: dance, yoga, indoor soccer, art, performance and much more.

Depending on an individual’s wishes, interests and abilities, funding dollars are provided to Chrysalis by the Alberta Government’s Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Calgary Region on behalf of the individuals for staff to help support the development of new relationships, while working along-side their peers and staff as they achieve a greater level of independence in each of their chosen activities.

Read more to see the programs & services Calgary offers or visit Edmonton’s Programs & Services page.

Digital Learning Centre

The Digital Learning Centre is a favourite with six stations set up for our individuals. All interested individuals have access to Success Maker programs, which allows self-paced learning as they learn new concepts and how to read. We also have a variety of educational e-learning programs. The computer lab supports supervised access to websites for learning, research and updating resumes.

Chrysalis Cooks Program

Our individuals prepare amazing creations throughout the week alongside our staff in the Chrysalis Cooks program. There is a nominal fee, however proceeds fund the cooking program. Individuals are exposed to a wide variety of skills, such as: monthly menu planning, meal prep, kitchen and food safety skills, and budgeting. Our Chrysalis Cooks program follows the updated Canadian Food Guide and incorporates vegan and gluten-free meals in the menus.

Training Program

Our individuals have the opportunity to take part in modified training courses such as: Fire Extinguisher Training, Internet and Social Media Safety, Back Care and Lifting, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Advocacy, Abuse Prevention and Building Healthy Relationships. These training courses offer valuable skills that our individuals can take with them to their homes and community opportunities.


Active Leisure Centre

Chrysalis offers a well-equipped Active Leisure Centre on-site that is specifically designed with our individuals in mind to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. The Active Leisure Centre has a variety of equipment such as: treadmills, recumbent bike, Equalizer, hand weights, massage chair, range of motion bed, gantry lift system, climbing stairs and resistance bands.

Each individual accessing the Active Leisure Centre goes through a personalized assessment from a certified trainer.


Music Therapy Program

Through dance, singing, drumming and creative movement our individuals are introduced to the world of music in our well-equipped music room and joined by our talented staff or music therapist.

Snoezelen Room

Our Snoezelen Room program is a wonderful multi-sensory environment that offers individuals with opportunities to explore their different senses, relax and decompress. This program has many health and wellness benefits.

On-Site Volunteer Program

Individuals participating in the Chrysalis On-Site Volunteer program assist with partners in our community with tasks such as: collating, shredding, photocopying and more. Some of our individuals volunteer to answer phones while others provide direct program support in the Self-Advocacy program.

Creative Arts Program

This program began in May 2009, and encourages our individuals to develop artistic techniques with professional guidance and tools. This program is also a creative outlet to explore new methods of communication and access different avenues of imagination. We seek to empower each artist with a sense of purpose and value. Our studio is small but our excitement and motivation is huge!

Artwork produced from this program will be showcased throughout communities and made available for purchase. Individuals participating in this program have learned of the vision, value and significance they possess and can contribute to the world through their unique, artistic works.


Art Studio Website

Our Chrysalis Arts Studio is part of the Lynn Groves Hautmann Centre for the Arts. This studio provides opportunities for our individuals to develop their artistic expression using various techniques. Providing a vehicle for expression and empowering personal choices through the arts leads to stronger communication, improved social skills and a more inclusive community.

Pieces produced from this program are showcased in our annual art show and throughout communities. They are also available for purchase. Artists receive a 70 per cent commission from the sale of each of their art pieces. The other 30 per cent is directed to replenishing art supplies.

To view current pieces for sale, or past pieces produced through the Studio Arts Program, then please go to:


Craft Program

Individuals participate in making a variety of crafts which builds on their fine motor skills. We offer basic instructional steps so they can explore their creative side.