Services are developed to meet the needs, abilities and interests of each individual and opportunities include volunteer placements in the community, supported employment, social / recreational opportunities and access to on site programs and tools.

Within the facility a computer lab with interactive learning software including Successmaker and Boardmaker and Dynamically Speaking Pro is available, and there is a full active leisure fitness program including development of individualized fitness programs and activities, a Therapeutic Art Program, Music Therapy, Snoezelen, Culinary Program, interactive media including a Smart Projector, Wii games, and Paletto. A Horticulture program, a Model Train Club, a Story sharing program, and others are also available when individuals are in the Chrysalis facility.

Depending on an individual’s wishes, interests and abilities, funding dollars are provided to Chrysalis by Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Calgary Region on behalf of the individuals for staff to help support the development of new relationships, while working along-side their peers and staff as they achieve a greater level of independence in each of their chosen activities.

Read more to see the programs & services Calgary offers or visit Edmonton’s Programs & Services page.

Horticulture and Plant Care Program

The horticulture program is very “hands-on,” in which individuals learn about planting, plant care, and the growing cycle. Individuals involved in this program keep our facility filled with plants and flowers that brighten the day and provide an outlet for nurturing and expression.

Multi Media Program

This is a dynamic multi-media program that allows individuals to interact physically and mentally with their environment through the utilization of games, tools, and assistive technology including a Smart Projector, a Sound Beam, Wii and Wii Draw, Karaoke, Paletto, iPads and computer software, and assistive devices that allows individualized access to learning activities and skill development.

Active Leisure Centre

This fitness environment encourages an active and healthy lifestyle where a wide variety of physical activities take place. Each individual accessing the Active Leisure Center is provided with basic guidelines in health and Wellness. The Active Leisure Centre provides an environment that includes adapted equipment to meet the individual fitness needs of our participants. All of the equipment is selected with them in mind. Equipment found in the centre includes such items as Treadmills, recumbent bike, parallel bar unit, climbing stairs and a gantry lift system plus more. Contact us for more info.

Music Therapy Program

Music Therapy is a unique and important program offered at Chrysalis. The program is delivered by professional Music Therapists. The program continues to grow and evolve. The sessions consist of song-writing, movement (dance), singing (vocalizing), instrument playing, discussion (reminiscing) and more.  As a result of attending Music Therapy sessions, the clients and staff alike experience an increased sense of camaraderie, a greater sense of involvement, enhanced communication skills, higher self-esteem, positive attitude and stress reduction. Contact us for more info.

Conductors Club

The Conductor’s Club is a “hands-on” model train club that is supported by a community volunteer who shares his knowledge and years of experience. The club allows participants to be part of a group project and learn about model trains and the history of train travel. This program is always growing and we look forward to sharing our trains in the community.

Onsite Volunteer Program

Individuals participate in the Chrysalis volunteer program assisting with such jobs as collating, shredding, photocopying, helping with projects brought in from the community and stocking shelves.  Some individuals volunteer a few half days a week answering phones, while others provide direct program support such as in the Life Skill program.  Individuals are recognized and appreciated for their volunteer hours at the Annual Achievement Awards event.

Therapeutic Art Program

This award-winning program provides opportunities for individuals at Chrysalis to express their creativity and life experiences through various art mediums within a studio setting. Art Therapy combines the creative process and a therapeutic approach, facilitating self-exploration, reflection, and understanding. Through this process individuals are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to articulate.

In 2012, the Chrysalis Therapeutic Art Program in Edmonton received the PDD Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award for its Community Outreach Program, which works with residents of St. Michael’s Health Group in support of intergenerational and cross-cultural diversity through various artistic mediums.

Art Studio Website

In 2009, the Chrysalis Calgary Studio Arts Program was created to encourage individuals with disabilities to develop artistic technique with professional tools and guidance. This visual arts program also has and continues to help our Chrysalis artists find and express their voices as they explore new methods of communication, access layered avenues of imagination and empower themselves with a sense of purpose and value in their accomplishments.

Pieces produced from this program are showcased in our annual art show and throughout communities. They are also available for purchase. Artists receive a 70 per cent commission from the sale of each of their art pieces. The other 30 per cent is directed to replenishing art supplies.

To view current pieces for sale, or past pieces produced through the Studio Arts Program, then please go to:

Volunteer Reading Program

Calgary has volunteers from the Calgary Public Library who share their joy of reading with participants twice a month through an interactive group reading program.

Craft Program

Individuals enjoy participating in crafts such as Scrapbooking, beadwork, paper Mache, soap making, papermaking and paper crafts, candle making, seasonal crafts and decorations and many more.