The Spirit of Chrysalis has been the focal point of the Chrysalis fundraising strategy since 2008. The goal of this initiative is to inform, educate and engage people within the community to build awareness of our organization, the programs and services we offer and the individuals whom we serve on a daily basis.

The Spirit of Chrysalis includes bi-weekly information sessions held every other Thursday at the Chrysalis Edmonton facility and monthly information sessions at the Chrysalis Calgary facility. These free, one-hour information sessions are designed to educate people as to the history of our organization, the different programs and services we provide to individuals with disabilities, the effects, results and benefits each program yields for our individuals and the work Chrysalis does to help improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities throughout the Province.

Each session includes background into our organization, a number of heartfelt personal success stories provided by our service individuals or their family members who have displayed amazing transformations in their lives thanks in part to the support Chrysalis has provided and a tour of our facilities to showcase the different programs and the individuals who are benefitting from what they have to offer. The tour, typically 25 minutes long, takes you through the different program areas throughout the building, providing you with a firsthand look at the work being done each day at Chrysalis. You will also get to meet some of our wonderful staff members and some very colourful individuals along the way. Each session runs from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm and the best part is lunch is provided to all attendees!

While no monetary donation is asked for during these information sessions, we do ask for your feedback a few days after the tour. A follow up phone call will be made so that we can get your thoughts about the session and answer any questions you may have after seeing what we do.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming information session, please contact Krishna Tailor at 780.482.0348 or via email [email protected] to confirm your attendance or to ask any questions you may have about the Spirit of Chrysalis.

Annual Gala Fundraising Breakfast

Spirit of Chrysalis information sessions run continuously throughout year, culminating with our Annual Gala Fundraising Breakfast held each June in Edmonton. The Gala Breakfast, typically held in the first week in June, is somewhat similar to an information session with a few notable differences. While this is still a free, one-hour session, the Gala Breakfast is staged at a larger venue, usually a hotel ballroom. People are still treated with an overview of the organization, a broad picture of what the future holds for Chrysalis and our signature, sometimes emotional, testimonials from those whose lives have been positively affected by Chrysalis in some way or another. The biggest difference however is the fact that the Gala Breakfast is a fundraising event and all guests will be asked to consider contributing to Chrysalis in any way they can, be it monetary, volunteer or any other contribution, though any donation provided is completely up to those in attendance. Invitations to the Gala Breakfast will be extended to all attendees of the Spirit of Chrysalis information sessions, but all are more than welcome to join us in celebrating what Chrysalis means to the lives of some many people throughout Alberta.

The 2018  Spirit of Chrysalis Gala Fundraising Breakfast in Edmonton will be held on Thursday, June 7 at Meridian Banquets (4820 76 Avenue NW). As previous years this annual breakfast fundraiser will be from 7:30-8:30 am.

If you are interested in getting involved in this event, hosting a table or even sponsoring or donating, please contact Krishna Tailor at [email protected].


Thank you for supporting Chrysalis & your community!!