Joel Tomas Headshot

Joel Allen Tomas

HSE Coordinator

Joel Allen Tomas

HSE Coordinator

Joel Tomas Headshot

If you had to describe what you do for work in a hashtag (#), what would that be?


Years of service at Chrysalis:

1 year

What do you like/love about Chrysalis and your role?

People helping people succeed, a respectful workplace. The ability to build a HSE Management System through collaboration which will stand the test of time excites me.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working (i.e. what’s your perfect day):

Family time, building projects, fishing, hunting and camping.

What are your top strengths/talents?

Temperance, respectful, factual, industrious.

When are you at your best?

When working towards group objectives in collaboration with others.

Who is a leader you look up to/why?

My father, his commitment and perseverance towards achieving goals were second to none.

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