Blaine Holczer

Programs and Innovation Specialist

Blaine Holczer

Programs and Innovation Specialist


If you had to describe what you do for work in a hashtag (#), what would that be?


Years of service at Chrysalis:

9 years

What do you like/love about Chrysalis and your role?

Every day is an opportunity to contribute not only to the people we serve but promote community inclusion for all people who face barriers to a full life and having an autistic adult son makes it personal. It helps to have skin in the game.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working (i.e. what’s your perfect day):

Spending time with my family, reading biographies and social discourse, watching movies and tv, going to live music and noodling on my guitars.

What are your top strengths/talents?

Thinking outside the box and seeing the bigger picture. I am flexible and adaptable, being able to jump in quickly and shift on the fly. I also have a pretty good sense of humor, especially about myself.

When are you at your best?

I am at my best when I have a problem to solve or an objective to reach. I love creative collaboration, but also appreciate opportunities to work independently where I can focus and set my own pace and path.

Who is a leader you look up to/why?

In the 25+ years that I have worked in the disability services sector, I have had the privilege of working closely with Shauna McCallum for the past nine years at Chrysalis. Her empathy, compassion, and dedication and her open, objective, and non-judgemental leadership are the keys that have taken her from Program Team Leader to VP of Operations in that time while leading a dynamic revolution both at Chrysalis and in the larger sector. It is that dedication to growth that continues to inspire us all to contribute our best to an ever-evolving world of inclusivity.

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