Allison Leigh

Program & Innovation Coordinator

Allison Leigh

Program & Innovation Coordinator


If you had to describe what you do for work in a hashtag (#), what would that be?


Years of service at Chrysalis:

8 years

What do you like/love about Chrysalis and your role?

Chrysalis is not only a place of work, it is a community, support network and family. My role as Programs & Innovations Coordinator allows me to support people in becoming the best versions of themselves and achieve their career goals.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working (i.e. what’s your perfect day):

I love binge-watching tv, reading mystery novels, playing darts & poker and laughing hard!

What are your top strengths/talents?

I am an extremely positive person and am usually seen with a smile on my face. I am a developer of others and a stimulator of a team.

When are you at your best?

When I am spending time with my favorite people and eating.

Who is a leader you look up to/why?

Marcus Buckingham – His cutting-edge viewpoint on the employment experience has inspired me to lead projects and mentor others in an innovative way.

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